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Top Gun

November 24, 2010

754. Top Gun
Directed by Tony Scott
USA, 1986
IMDB | allmovie

Reviewed by Rachel
First viewing


A rebellious fighter pilot advances to an elite flying school and competes with other students to be the best in the class. Whilst there, he falls in love with his beautiful teacher and shows that he has considerable talent. But will his independent nature be his undoing in battle?

Essential Scene:

Maverick (Tom Cruise) and his Radar Intercept Officer, Goose (Anthony Edwards), are tailing a MiG plane to aid Maverick’s wingman, Cougar. They have been ordered not to fire until fired upon, so Maverick decides to have a bit of fun with the MiG’s pilot.

Maverick turns his plane upside down.

Goose: Is this your idea of fun, Mav?

Still upside down, Maverick lowers the plane until they are right above the MiG. When the plane’s pilot looks up, Maverick gives him the finger.

Maverick: Greetings!

Goose holds up a Polaroid camera.

Goose: Watch the birdie! [He takes a picture of the MiG pilot]

Maverick: Jeez, I crack myself up!

Goose: This is a great shot Mav, I should be a photographer!


If formulaic Hollywood blockbusters are your thing, then Top Gun is the film for you. It was painfully predictable; although I won’t go into why because I wouldn’t want to spoil the “surprise.” And, oy, the shallow machismo! I get it; you’re manly, tough men. Now go and “feel the need for speed” somewhere else. Shoo, shoo.

The only saving grace is the superb shots of the fighter planes in action. Not only do the planes look very impressive in the beautiful clear sky; the tight, claustrophobic shots from within the planes give you a sense of the paranoia the pilots feel — not the mention the nausea. [Are you sure that’s not Tom Cruise-related nausea? – Ally]

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